Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New video!

Check out this animoto video I made about All Year Long! Funny Readers Theatre for Life's Special Times! (This is fun! You can try it, too, here.)


Prairie Jill said...

Great video! Animoto looks like fun - I'll have to try it. Maybe a slide show of photographs???

I also liked your recent post about "The Dot" and "ish". They really are charming books. I particularly liked the way they encourage kids (and us somewhat older "kids", too!) to just go ahead and draw and have fun with it. It's an important message that I think we sometimes forget.

dj said...

Thanks! Yes, you could make a cool slide show of your photos. The free videos are very short, and the number of photos you can fit in depends on the song. The faster the song the more photos you can use.