Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions I'm Going to Keep (Really!)

1.) Behave like a paragon of virtue.
2.) Keep my home spotless
3.) Cook gourmet meals
4.) Lose lots of weight anyway.
5.) Write a bestselling series of kids' books that appeal to children and adults alike and leave Harry Potter in the dust.
6.) Stick to projects until they are


Prairie Jill said...

Sign me up for this list, too. (That weight loss thing, though - it doesn't involve exercise or diet, right?)

Sherry Ellis said...

Pretty ambitious! Good luck with all of that!

dj said...

I have always said I'd do anything to lose weight -- anything EXCEPT eat less and exercise more! Might make it hard to keep my resolution! Maybe I'll just stick to the "paragon of virtue" thing.