Monday, August 29, 2011

Get your hands on this great new blog!

Now that school has started, I wanted to spread the word about a new blog called HANDS-ON-BOOKS. It's written by three award-winning writers of nonfiction for kids -- Mary Kay Carson, Kerrie Hollihan, and Brandon Marie Miller. These ladies have written some wonderful books -- and now they have a great blog about fun and educational science and social studies activities that could be used with or without their books. Recent posts include fascinating information about various subjects (Thomas Jefferson, writing process, tornadoes, etc.) and hands-on activities like making a barometer, roasting a marshmallow with a solar oven, and making paper. This is a helpful and practical blog for homeschoolers, school teachers, and parents!

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Prairie Jill said...

Interesting link - even for someone who isn't a parent or teacher!