Friday, July 22, 2011

Is she here? Is she here?

Jackson has the most over-protective mother on the planet. He can't do anything without her hovering around! When she won't give him any freedom, he decides to take it. But is sneaking out to a party the right way to handle a stalker mom?
The humorous script described above is part of Stalker Mom and Other Plays, my collection of funny plays for teens available from Baker's Plays. Please check it out! Though BP is a traditional royalities-for-performances theatrical publisher, you can get single copies of the book here.
Also in the collection:
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Girl in a Whirl Everyone takes advantage of Abbie, but she's too nice to stand up for herself.
The Grudge Laird thinks of himself as too easy-going to hold a grudge, but something's growing inside of him!
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Sherry Ellis said...

Where did you get that animated character? He's cute!

dj said...

He's a free download from microsoft. They have lots of free images at